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50 years ago, Apollo astronauts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin touched down in the surface of the moon. It was a victory for NASA's Apollo program, and an awe-inspiring moment for the millions watching on live television around the world.

To celebrate the achievement, Discover has put together a special package including interviews with the remaining Apollo astronauts, a photo gallery of stunning images from the missions, insights into the grueling astronaut training, the women who were sidelined from the missions and much more. 

The Apollo program ignited the imaginations of future scientists everywhere — and still does today. Look back on the long road leading to one small, momentous step.

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The technological achievement and scientific value of Apollo 11 live on 50 years later. We reflect on that defining moment and look ahead to what’s next.

NASA's bold choices to open the Apollo Program to the world made the Moon landing humanity's first truly viral event.


Neil Armstrong saw himself as an engineer first. But he also knew he was part of a long chain of human migration. 

The mission data gathered remain the most valuable information we have about the history of the moon — and the solar system.
Geologists played a key role in the Apollo program.

The astronauts who flew to the moon reflect on legacies, comfort and loneliness.

In just 11 years, the program overcame all obstacles to reach the moon.
The Mercury 13 aced the same tests as male astronauts, but decades would pass before American women flew in space.
From Doggerland to Beringia, the sea took some of prehistory’s most important archaeological sites. All over the world, scientists are beginning to find them again.


Have you heard of the International Foot? It's turning 60. We take its measure, and much more.
A woman’s sudden mania, odd sexual behavior and furious note-taking don’t add up.

Smartphone addiction is real. One woman puts hers down for a week to see what happens.

It may be time to change the strict rules in place to keep Earthly microbes from contaminating Mars.


Scientists disagree about whether a sample of ancient rocks shows evidence of life.

Gravity's greatest hits and a bee's-eye view are among our top picks for beach season.

High Prices Still Ramp Up Health Care Costs
What's the prognosis on health care reform in America?
Degrees of Separation
Traces of an old solar storm, Earth's first flowers, spotting Alzheimer's early and more.
Migrants of the World
A look at the global traffic patterns of human migration.