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2018 Iceland: Great North, Westfjords & Aurora Borealis

October 3, 2018 - October 13, 2018

There are two key things to know about the aurora borealis: It’s a phenomenon everyone should experience once in their lives. And once you’ve seen those spectacular multi-hued lights shimmering across the northern sky, you’ll definitely want to see them again.

To these basic truths we can add two more: One of the best places on Earth to experience the aurora is Iceland. And there’s no better way to do it than staying in a remote hotel or lodge, stepping out of your comfortable room and immediately encountering a vast, luminous curtain of green, blue, red, and purple undulating above the Arctic Circle.

Since our first trip to Iceland back in 2003, TravelQuest has brought hundreds of adventurous travelers to this rugged island in the North Atlantic, sharing its rich culture and haunting natural beauty — and, of course, finding the ideal spots to view the elusive northern lights. Now we’re heading back in October 2018 with a unique, new Iceland experience exploring two of the tiny country’s most fascinating areas. Starting and ending in historic Reykjavik, our 11-day itinerary connects the seldom-visited Great North region with the stunning Westfjords peninsula, whose ragged coastline is sliced by dozens of deep inlets overlooked by mountain peaks.

If you’re one of our Iceland veterans, you’ll remember Martina Pötzsch, our expert guide whose encyclopedic knowledge and storytelling gifts bring the country to life. Martina will be back for our 2018 journey, welcoming both new and returning guests to a wonderful collection of handpicked lodges and inns. She’s ready to lead us through dramatic wilderness landscapes by day, and then set us up for eight successive nights (conditions permitting) of viewing the aurora virtually from our doorsteps.

The magic of the aurora borealis and the breathtaking beauty of Iceland — ideal ingredients for a once-in-a-lifetime adventure. Start making your plans now.

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