Special Reports

Antarctica Inside Out

From ancient ice to hidden lakes, new research reveals the frozen continent as never before. In Antarctica's Dry Valleys, an expedition seeks the world's oldest ice and a potential treasure trove of information about past climate conditions. Nearly 650 miles and a world away at Lake Whillans, a cadre of scientists drilled through half a mile of ice to find the first signs of life in a subglacial lake.

Investigating Lyme Disease and Tick-Borne Illness

Earlier this year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced that Lyme disease is 10 times more prevalent than previously reported, with some 300,000 sufferers across the U.S.

But much of the United States, including the Southeast, has been left out of the equation, despite emerging evidence that Lyme or a Lyme-like infection may be present there as well.

Discover magazine investigates the controversy brewing over tick-borne illness in the South.

Outsmarting Einstein

After a century of testing general relativity, physicists still strive to achieve what the genius who formulated the theory could not.

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