All About Exoplanets

Exoplanet discoveries, research on mass extinctions, and more

Friday, May 05, 2017
New exoplanet discoveries have become an annual occurrence in recent years, with astronomers finding Earth-like planets in potentially habitable zones.

As research to find life on other planets continues, the best is yet to come. In our free, downloadable PDF, we explore exoplanet discovery, as well as decades of research on mass extinctions.

In this guide, we cover:
  • Proxima Centauri, the Earth-sized exoplanet located in a habitable zone. How do Earth and Proxima Centauri compare?
  • Why should we care about finding new alien planets?
  • How are planets formed? How are planets discovered? And how can we uncover more specific details about these planets with next-generation telescopes?
  • Is there a connection between dark matter and mass extinctions? How could cosmic rays factor into the extinction cycle?
  • A new look at data from NASA's Kepler space telescope

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