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A fundamental problem had stymied mathematicians for centuries. Then a former Subway cashier announced he’d solved it.
From zombies to flashers, peek inside at the deviant antics of these terrariums' miniature landscapes.


A trio of patients land in the ER with a dislocated shoulder, a seizure and a heart attack. What could they possibly have in common?
A mosquito bite results in incredible joint pain, crushing headaches and a friend who stays on the case.
A 20-something's trek through Europe followed by a bad sore throat and inflammation add up to a rare twist on a common infectious disease.
A toddler's developmental speed, distorted speech and heart defect help solve a genetic puzzle.
A healthy, 20-something man comes to the ER with sharp chest pain and gets VIP treatment. The result leaves him breathless.
A fainting spell uncovers a lurking heart symptom — with a bizarre behavioral twist.

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