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Inside a four-month simulated mission on the Red Planet.
A fundamental problem had stymied mathematicians for centuries. Then a former Subway cashier announced he’d solved it.


A 13-year-old West African boy confounds American doctors with health complaints that don’t add up.
A 40-year-old woman transforms her life after weight-loss surgery, only to see the pounds return and her life spiral downward.
When multiple specialists can’t solve the mystery of a toddler’s persistent rashes, grandma offhandedly offers a clue.
A 37-year-old man’s sudden lapse into mania and paranoia eludes diagnosis until a final clue emerges.
A seemingly brain-dead young man makes a startling recovery, and a neuroscientist tries to find out why.
A woman suffers from digestive symptoms that wax and wane for months. What could be the root of her mysterious illness?