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Inside a four-month simulated mission on the Red Planet.
A fundamental problem had stymied mathematicians for centuries. Then a former Subway cashier announced he’d solved it.


A 40-year-old demands to stay at the hospital, yet nothing seems wrong — until he explains why he can’t go home.
An athletic woman in her 50s suddenly can’t move her arm, then feels fine several minutes later. But an MRI reveals serious trouble elsewhere.
A woman’s extreme abdominal pain points to gallstones. But why is her heart rate going through the roof?
An infant in an Arctic village struggles to get air into his lungs. Without the necessary medical equipment, is diagnosis futile?
A fever and cough strike a busy, young mom. But this is no routine case of influenza.
Exercise-induced pain stops a healthy baby boomer in his tracks. Is his heart telling him to slow down?
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