Inside the June 2014 issue of Discover magazine

Monday, May 05, 2014

Waukesha, WI — The June 2014 issue of Discover magazine follows the first solar-powered plane from prototype to sustainability innovation, examines the conflict between parents’ genes in the womb and asks if we are all Martians.

Cover Story: Light Makes Flight
Page 38, by Helen Fields
With one cross-country trip already under their belt, two daredevil pilots prepare to circle the globe in the world’s first solar-powered plane. But will their dream crash-land?

Playing the Meteorite Market
Page 34, by Jonathon Keats
Scientists, dealers, collectors and nomadic tribesmen have formed a surprising alliance that’s advancing the study of space rocks—and making, for some, a tidy profit.

The Mapmaker’s Mystery
Page 44, by Julie Rehmeyer
For centuries, the secret to making portolan charts—stunningly accurate medieval navigational maps—has eluded historians. Mathematical analysis may finally solve the puzzle.

Genetic Battle of the Sexes
Page 50, by Paul Raeburn
Forget the romantic notion of mom and dad’s DNA intertwining to create new life; our parents’ genes competed in a tug-of-war for dominance.

Technology: New Tech Hits the Road
Page 64, by Jon Lesage
Take a summer road trip into the future of driving: You can hop on an electric scooter designed for the modern urban jungle or get behind the wheel of a car that’s more connected than your LinkedIn profile.

Big Idea: Are We All Martians?
Page 22, by Steve Nadis
What do Silly Putty, sugar and the Red Planet have to do with the origin of life on Earth? Possibly everything.

Best Summer Science Reads
Page 67, by Discover staff
Quench your thirst for boozy knowledge or travel back to a real-life thriller pitting scientists against villainous nits and Nazis—just two of our favorite picks for smart and entertaining books worth reading this summer.

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