Our Staff

Editor in Chief Stephen C. George

Design Director Dan Bishop


Managing Editor Kathi Kube

Senior Editor Becky Lang

Senior Associate Editor Gemma Tarlach

Senior Associate Editor Bill Andrews

Associate Editor April Reese

Assistant Editor Lacy Schley

Copy Editor Dave Lee

Editorial Assistant Elisa R. Neckar

Contributing Editors

Dan Ferber, Tim Folger, Linda Marsa, Kat McGowan, Steve Nadis, Adam Piore, Corey S. Powell, Julie Rehmeyer, Erik Vance, Pamela Weintraub, Jeff Wheelwright, Darlene Cavalier (special projects director)


Photo Editor Ernie Mastroianni

Associate Art Director Alison Mackey


Web Associate Editor Carl Engelking

Staff Writer Nathaniel Scharping


Meredith Carpenter, Lillian Fritz-Laylin, Jeremy Hsu, Rebecca Kreston, Jeffrey Marlow, Neuroskeptic, Elizabeth Preston, SciStarter, Christie Wilcox, Tom Yulsman

Advertising Sales Offices

Advertising Sales Manager Steve Meni

(888) 558-6220, smeni@discovermagazine.com

Rummel Media Connections

Consulting and Media Sales Kristi Rummel

(608) 435-6220, kristi@rummelmedia.com

Marketing Architect Melanie DeCarli

Research Bob Rattner

Advertising Services Daryl Pagel

Kalmbach Publishing Co.

Charles R. Croft, President

Kevin P. Keefe, Vice President, Editorial

Daniel R. Lance, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing

James R. McCann, Vice President, Finance 

Nicole McGuire, Vice President, Consumer Marketing

James Schweder, Vice President, Technology

Diane Bacha, Editorial Director

Ann E. Smith, Corporate Advertising Director

Maureen M. Schimmel, Corporate Art Director

Kim Redmond, Single Copy Specialist

Mike Soliday, Art and Production Manager

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