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Summer of Mars

This summer, the Red Planet shows off with a bright appearance in the sky, new missions blast off to our solar system neighbor, and we celebrate some of the great all-time martian discoveries. Join us for a Summer of Mars!


If There's Life on Mars, We Might Not Recognize It

If life on Mars was the result of a “second genesis,” that is, it began completely separate from life on Earth, it might use combinations of organic chemicals we’ve never seen before.

Simulating Mars on Earth

Atop a lava field in Hawaii, scientists are learning what life could be like for settlers on the Red Planet.

Check Out Slooh's Opposition Coverage

There's still plenty of time to see Mars this summer, but here's the main event.

Ancient Mars Was Wet and Wild

Not only was Mars once a wet planet. New evidence paints a picture of violent tsunamis as well.

Observe Mars at Its Best

The brightness of our celestial neighbor will have you seeing red through your telescope.

When Close Approach Kicks Up a Storm

Global dust storms on Mars have sometimes clouded views near opposition.

Oppositions Past and Future

The Red Planet swings close every 26 months, but puts on a different show every time.