Meet the Panelists


Mo Hosni, Ph.D.
Vice President, ASME Education
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and Director of the University Engineering Alliance, Kansas State University

Hosni is a professor of mechanical engineering and director of the University Engineering Alliance at Kansas State University. He joined the faculty in 1991 and served as department head from 2001 to 2009. He has been active in ASME for almost three decades and served in various capacities, including faculty adviser, chair of the Fluids Engineering Division, chair of the Mechanical Engineering Department Head Committee, an Executive Committee member of the Committee on Engineering Accreditation, and a member of the Council on Standards and Certification. He is a fellow of both ASME and ASHRAE and an ABET commissioner.


Joan Ferrini-Mundy, Ph.D.

Assistant Director, National Science Foundation Directorate for Education and Human Resources

Joan Ferrini-Mundy is the National Science Foundation’s assistant director who leads NSF’s Directorate for Education and Human Resources. She is a member of the NSF senior management team involved in strategic planning and direction of the scientific and education mission of NSF. Her current activities include a government-wide performance management effort; a leadership role in defining NSF’s budget priorities; and an ongoing collaboration with the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy in developing a government- wide strategic plan for STEM education and workforce development.


Christine M. Cunningham, Ph.D.
Founder and Director, Engineering is Elementary
Vice President, Museum of Science, Boston

Cunningham is an educational researcher who works to make engineering and science more relevant, accessible and understandable, especially for underserved and underrepresented populations. A vice president at the Museum of Science in Boston since 2003, she founded and directs Engineering is Elementary, a groundbreaking project that integrates engineering concepts into elementary curriculum and teacher professional development. To date, EiE has served 4 million children nationwide and 46,000 educators. Cunningham holds B.A. and M.A. degrees in biology from Yale and a Ph.D. in science education from Cornell University.


Leigh R. Abts, Ph.D.
Research Associate Professor, A. James Clark School of Engineering and College of Education, University of Maryland

Abts is a research associate professor at the University of Maryland. Since graduate school, he has helped to found a number of companies, including Micro Pure Systems, which was later acquired by Rexnord; the Johns Hopkins Institutions Venture Capital Fund, TRIAD Investors, which merged with with Zero Stage Capital; and FutureHealth, acquired by Nationwide Insurance. At Johns Hopkins University, he founded the JHU Center for Engineering Education and served as executive director of the NSF Engineering Center for Computer Integrated Surgery. Abts earned an Sc.B. biology in engineering and a Ph.D. in engineering from Brown University.



Stephen C. George
Editor in Chief, DISCOVER Magazine

With degrees from Syracuse and Northwestern universities, George began his career at Reed Elsevier, a scientific, technical and medical publisher. He then worked for the American Medical Student Association, reporting and writing on the social, political and ethical issues of health care and medical education. From there, George moved to such consumer publishers as Rodale Inc., Meredith Corp. and the Reader’s Digest Association, specializing in education, science and medical reporting. He has authored or edited more than 20 books on health and medicine, as well as hundreds of stories for dozens of magazines and websites.