Best of Discover

The Best of Discover series offers carefully curated selections of some of the finest science journalism Discover has brought its readers in its 30-plus year history.


From the horrors of tsunamis and tornadoes, to the tragedy of space shuttle explosions and 9-11 terrorism, Disasters sheds light on the science behind the worst natural and man-made catastrophes.

Disasters is the first collection in the Best of Discover series, stitching together the compelling human narratives of disaster with the science of responding to — and preventing — future such catastrophes.


“Tracking the Killer Waves,” August 1983
“Disaster on I-95,” September 1983
“What Destroyed Challenger?” April 1986
“What We Learned About Tall Buildings From the World Trade Center Collapse,” October 2002
“The Next Katrina,” August 2006
“Chernobyl Revisited,” June 2007
“Funnel Vision,” May 2009
“20 Things You Didn’t Know About Space Disasters,” April 2006
25 pages
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