Why Hiking in Beaver Creek is Perfect for Budding Naturalists

Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Picture it. As you come to the crest of a hill, you are surrounded by beautiful views of the Rocky Mountains all around you and below, a creek that meanders through the valley. Rampant patches of wildflowers stretch out before you as native birds call to each other. You are in Beaver Creek, Colorado, a place known for its gorgeous natural surroundings, and a place where memories are made.

The geologic structure of Beaver Creek makes it a great site to visit—and explore—any time of year. “Beaver Creek is unique because it’s formed like a bowl, protected by mountains on three sides,” says Pete Petrovski, Hiking Center Manager. “The north side keeps it cooler in the winter, which allows for great snowpack and has sustained an old-growth forest over the years.” As you travel up the mountainside, you can see the line where aspen trees start and end—and above 10,000 feet, you will only see evergreens.

As you might expect, Beaver Creek is home to a renowned Hiking Center, which offers various excursions to suit all skill levels and interests, specializing in signature group and private hikes designed to show off Beaver Creek Mountain and its surroundings. Led by expert guides, these hikes are a fun, adventurous way for nature lovers to experience the great outdoors. “Guests will learn about our flora and fauna, local wildlife, and be educated about weather issues that may occur in our high altitude environment,” says Petrovski. “It can be a challenge to hike in a high alpine environment, but we tailor hikes to fit all ability levels.”

One of the popular activities is Beaver Creek's Wine Excursions, two-hour explorations of Beaver Creek Mountain. Guides steer you toward the best places to see stunning mountain scenery while explaining the history of the area, Beaver Creek Resort itself, and the landscape. You end at Osprey’s Fireside Grill where you are treated to a charcuterie platter expertly prepared by executive chef Ryan Murray along with wine tastings and gourmet dessert.

During the week, there is the complimentary Mountain Bike Clinic where you learn to navigate Beaver Creek’s trail system, from Rose Pedal to Cinch. And there are also Colorado Adventure Hikes that are designed for the more daring, as they have a higher level of difficulty and a longer duration, even leading guests up 14ers. But not to fear if you are just wanting to take a leisurely walk and enjoy the local nature; there are private tours for individuals or families that aim to give you a rarified hiking experience, adding in lunch and a digital memento. On your route you may see majestic trees like aspens, blue spruce, and lodgepole pines or encounter wildlife, such as elk, deer, marmots, red tail hawks, eagles, and magpies.

“We  provide our guests a sense of security knowing they are with someone who knows the environment and who is well prepared for any situation,” says Petrovski. “But perhaps the best part is getting to share that feeling of the vastness and beauty of the mountain with fellow naturalists.”

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