5 Reasons Why Golfing in the Mountains Is Ideal

Monday, June 25, 2018
Although its origins are debated, the popularity of the game of golf is not. People travel far and wide to get a chance to play some of the top courses. Beaver Creek is home to three world-class, championship golf courses, each designed by a legend. Tom Fazio and Greg Norman envisioned courses at Red Sky Golf Club and Robert Trent Jones, Jr. created a course for Beaver Creek Golf Club. The courses are set against a beautifully mountainous backdrop, creating the perfect conditions for a great round of golf. Here are five reasons why playing in the mountains is simply just better.

#1 The Fresh Mountain Air

With oxygen that is free of gases and air pollution, the mountain air of Beaver Creek is fresh and clean. The air is crisp and refreshing, with a delightfully distinct aroma that is soothing and re-invigorating. At the Beaver Creek Golf Club, one of the longest established golf courses in Vail Valley, the green is surrounded by towering pine trees, cascading creeks and elevated tees—one of the most coveted courses in the Colorado mountains. Designed by Robert Trent Jones, Jr. it is the perfect place to play 18 holes while letting the crisp mountain air delight your senses, producing a calming effect that will allow you to stay focused and concentrate on your game.

#2 The Awe-Inspiring Surroundings

Golf courses in the mountains have an almost ethereal quality to them. Mother Nature’s vast beauty is all laid out before you. Blue skies, green grass and colorful wildflowers create a scene that is inspiring and humbling. On the Tom Fazio-designed course at Red Sky Golf Club, you can marvel at the verdant backdrop, punctuated by sage-covered hills and a dense aspen forest. Here, dramatic vistas of the Gore Range merge with a variety of terrains for a chance to play a round on arguably one of the most coveted courses in the country.

#3 Rocky Mountain Wildlife

Many of the courses in the Rockies are great places to see native wildlife up close. Red Sky’s Greg Norman Course was designed to allow the treasures of the landscape to dictate the flow of play. It’s a registered Audubon Cooperative Sanctuary, with cragging rock outcroppings, twisted knots of scrub oak and wildflower meadows. Here and at other local courses, you can spot local inhabitants, such as black bears, elk, foxes, and marmot, though be sure to keep your distance for safety reasons. You might even have the opportunity to see an eagle soaring overhead.

#4 A Better Drive

Playing at a higher elevation can change your golf game. Your swing may be smoother and your drive more powerful. According to scientists at Titleist who studied the effects of altitude, temperature, and humidity on golf ball performance, your golf ball will fly farther in higher elevations. This is due to the change in air density, which decreases as elevation increases. This thinner air produces less drag, moving the ball more easily through the air. The result is a ball that goes a longer distance. Red Sky’s Fazio Course is 7,650 feet above sea level, so you just might see a difference in your drive.

#5 Near Perfect Weather

The last thing you want when playing 18 holes is to be uncomfortable due to weather conditions. Courses in the mountains are famously cooler, which leads to a much more pleasant golfing experience. In Beaver Creek, the summer months are temperate with the hottest month only averaging highs of 74 degrees—perfect playing weather.

Red Sky and Beaver Creek Golf Club are two great sites that grant you access to unparalleled golfing in the Rocky Mountains. Not only are you practically guaranteed a lovely day of golf, but once you are off the course, you are treated to amazing service. Eucalyptus-scented towels are delivered to you on a silver platter after your round at Beaver Creek Golf Club. Freshly baked cookies are served at Beaver Creek Golf Club, or available all day at Red Sky. And after a long day of golf, you can marvel at an unforgettable sunset at Red Sky Golf Club as you dine at Red Sky’s Silver Sage Restaurant.

For more information on golfing at Beaver Creek, visit beavercreek.com/golf. For more on how to plan your Beaver Creek moments, click here.

Source: titleist.com