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Discover's 100 top stories of 2017 is jam-packed with the best in science from the past year. From space exploration to medicine, technology, paleontology and environment, we've got every field covered. Highlights include the the Great American Eclipse, science under Trump, ancient trackways, new planets and "living drugs."
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The solar event that transfixed Americans from sea to shining sea.
Our ancestors’ origin story is being refined.
A gravitational wave and a flash of light open up a new field of astronomy.
We break down the Trump administration’s salty relationship with science.
Researchers in a U.S. lab finally test the revolutionary gene-editing tool in human embryos.
The FDA approves a powerful gene therapy to fight a resistant cancer.
A record-breaking number of Earth-sized planets orbit a faint star in a nearby galaxy.
Fossilized footprints may change our family tree.
The Saturn probe completes its years-long mission in a fiery descent.
The deluge that swamped Houston changes how we measure downpours.


Life Beneath Enceladus’ Ice?
The Cassini probe reveals a chemical brew erupting from the Saturnian moon.
Octopuses Can Stray From Their DNA
By editing their genetic material, they can gain new traits.
Mice Born From Space Sperm
Cells brought from the International Space Station offer some hope for future space colonists.
Ancient Antarctic Ice Discovered
2.7 million-year-old sample could tell us more about ice age cycles.
One Magnet to Bind Them All
Monolayer magnet could improve computer memory.
Making Blood Cells in the Laboratory
Blood derived from stem cells could be used to help treat leukemia, sickle cell and other disorders.
Mice Birth Pups From Artificial Ovaries
3-D-printed ovaries allow infertile mice to give birth.
Unraveling Mummies’ Genetic Secrets
Three full genomes of ancient Egyptians are recovered.
The Fastest Fluid
Superhot material spins at an incredible rate.
When Probiotics Really Do Work
Clinical trial shows some proof that treatment can be effective.
A Titan for the Record Books
100 million-year-old giant is the likely the largest creature ever to walk the Earth.
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Infant skull shows a glimpse of our distant ancestor.
The Sleepless Seven: First Genes Linked to Insomnia
Lack of sleep, long considered a psychological condition, has a genetic component.
Species Exposed!
The cover is blown on these creatures that have a particular set of skills.
Essay: Diagnosing From Afar
Trump's presidency triggers a debate among mental health professionals about the 1973 Goldwater Rule.
The Equator Could Be Uninhabitable
Half of Earth's population could face weeks of deadly heat by the year 2100.
Asteroid Hits Reverse
Unique rock goes the wrong way around the sun.
Weighing a White Dwarf
With some help from Einstein, astronomers calculate the mass of a star named Stein 2051 B.
Beating B-Cells for MS
Medication targets cells that fuel brain inflammation.
Amber Preserves Tick’s Last Supper
It's the oldest mammalian red blood cells ever found.
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