Table of Contents November 2017

Among our five senses, smell receives the least respect. Yet it impacts our relationships and could even save our lives. So, take a whiff and awaken your hidden superpower. Speaking of power, over the next three to five years we can expect to see more investment in solar, wind and other renewable energy sources. But what will energy harvesting look like in 1 billion years? Take a glimpse far into the future of Dyson spheres and sphaelerizers.  And in Europe, millions of lives could be at risk as a massive volcano is stirring. We travel to edge of Naples to see how people there are preparing.

Plus, 20 things you didn't know about color, new revelations about black holes and exploring the body electric.
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Millions of lives may be at risk, but it's unclear if or when the "Fields of Fire" will erupt.

From identifying threats, to family, to potential mates -- the nose knows.
A global poaching epidemic has conservationists wondering how long the animals will survive.
Humanity only just arrived on Earth. But its future is in the cosmos.


How the brain can lose — and reclaim — an abandoned mother tongue.
Researchers develop new ways to discover how our oldest tech — and our brains — evolved.
Strange metals and black holes have a lot in common, and researchers are exploiting the link to learn more.
The human eye actually sees only three colors, scientists refer to color in terms of wavelength, and coloring foods goes back at least 3,500 years.
A 37-year-old man’s sudden lapse into mania and paranoia eludes diagnosis until a final clue emerges.
Scientists say bioelectricity is the body’s master control. A few aim to harness it to regrow limbs, treat cancer — even unlock immortality.


An unexpected meeting helps solve an epidemiological mystery.
Experts are uncovering millennia of history under a Turkish megacity’s outskirts.
A breakdown of past winners.
And researchers take crucial steps in the fight against two devastating diseases.
Humans sure have made a mess of things. Here’s a breakdown of all the plastic waste we’ve dumped on our planet.
Maps shed some light on dark matter.
Sink your teeth into this timeline.
The long and short of collecting bug data.
Here's the skinny on fat cells.