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Discover's 100 top stories of 2016 is jam-packed with the best in science from the past year. From space exploration to medicine, technology, paleontology and environment, we've got every field covered. Highlights include the first gravitational wave detection, next-gen spaceflight, detecting Alzheimer's earlier and more Hobbitses!
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Just when we thought we knew dopamine...
The roster of exoplanets more than doubles.
A strain of E. coli that can't be stopped by the last-resort drug.
The breakthrough that broke apart.
A still-sharp sword survived 3,000 years underground.
The entire Library of Congress in a space smaller than a dust mote.
Pluto is more active than scientists dreamed.
The moon may affect the intensity of earthquakes.
Over 90 percent of the donor cells remained healthy.
Scientists, for the first time, confirm that birds sleep midflight.
This year's crop of new species landed in the spotlight ready to rumble.
Physicists report evidence of a new atom.
Google unveils its open-source project, Fuchsia.
A new way to detect healthy egg cells.
The modern-day thinkers of Babylonia.
Researchers restore vision in mice for the first time.
The cerebral cortex mapped in more detail than ever before.
The strange monster known only by fossils from northeastern Illinois.
IBM's Quantum Experience.
How reptiles got their scales.
A potential molecular mechanism of the disease.
Scientists begin assembling a haploid cell "library."
The Red Planet was wet and wild.
New information about "lipid rafts."
How a viral strain gains the upper hand.
Researchers implant glass windows in mice to watch the gut in action.
Water injected underground causes faults to separate and slip.
How human activities painted the peppered moth black.
Symptoms of the condition can appear later in life.
The Grolier Codex is the real deal.
A glimpse of the first primate.
Bacteria living in your nose produce a powerful antibiotic.
Sagittarius B2 contains a chiral molecule.
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