Table of Contents March 2015


Are we close to conquering Alzheimer’s disease? Should we resurrect ancient, extinct species like the woolly mammoth? Can we protect civilization from a killer asteroid? In this month’s issue of Discover, you’ll learn how the latest advances in science are bringing answers to these provocative questions into focus. We’ll also follow a doctor who, inspired by amphibians, is working to save lives by building organs from scratch. But, of course, there’s so much more.

You’ll dive deep into a scorpion’s den, get a firsthand glimpse of chimp family drama and see why the periodic table of elements may continue growing perpetually. We’re answering some big questions, so don’t be left hanging — pick up your issue today!  

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Inspired by the regenerative abilities of an amphibian, Anthony Atala is driven to save lives by rebuilding organs.
A father-son duo of biologists has set the stage for so-called de-extinction. But should we be doing this at all?
When a civilization-ending space rock bears down on us, this nuclear option might just save our species.
Are we close to conquering one of the most puzzling diseases of our time?



Scientists keep finding new pure units of matter — but it's getting ever harder.

A trio of patients land in the ER with a dislocated shoulder, a seizure and a heart attack. What could they possibly have in common?
Many small, frozen worlds seem to have warm underground oceans, making the search for alien life more exciting — and more confusing.
Some species are evolving far more quickly than Darwin ever imagined.
Nuclear meltdowns have both harmed and benefited wildlife in contamination zones.


Biologists use molten metal and 3-D modeling to uncover how large-clawed scorpions build homes in a harsh climate.
Illuminate your life with this natural night light.
New treatment improves vision in those with an inherited eye disease.
Some chimpanzee social behaviors seem strangely familiar.
An innovative community of biologists picks away at invasive species one meal at a time.
Stories full of heart, rust and essential nutrients — all in these new releases.
A sky-high balloon ride will soon be able to take you to the top of the atmosphere.
An Amazonian tribe seeks help for a deadly problem.
Jupiter’s watery moon might just prove hospitable.
A combination of antibiotics can dramatically lower mortality rates at hospitals.
The earliest mummies reveal how culture and climate created the world’s first state.