Mother Nature Is a Math Geek

Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry is unveiling a new permanent exhibit, Numbers in Nature.

By Gemma Tarlach|Thursday, July 31, 2014
Snowflakes, seashells and sunflowers are just a few of nature’s creations that exhibit mathematically based patterns.
Derived from “Sunflower in Saigon”/Christian Haugen; joingate/shutterstock
Numbers in Nature
Museum of Science and Industry, Chicago
Opens Oct. 8.

From the flowers beneath our feet to the snowflakes that will be falling on us again soon enough, the natural world is a showcase for mathematical patterns.

Numbers in Nature, a new permanent exhibit, immerses visitors in the splendors of spirals and fabulousness of fractals. Hands-on stations uncover the patterns of what we see and hear, and even allow you to observe the math of your own body, from limb and torso proportions to the way blood vessels branch in your eyes.

You could get lost in the marvels of math here — especially if you wander into the house-size mirror maze with a hidden entry and secret room.

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