June Science Calendar

Check out the hottest new video games and gaming gadgets at E3, or grab some work gloves and help clean up your local parks.

By Elisa Neckar|Friday, May 30, 2014

The newest games and gadgets will be on display at the E3 Expo in June. 

E3 Expo/Flickr

June 6: Tom Cruise must relive a lousy day over and over, until he and Emily Blunt defeat an alien menace in the Edge of Tomorrow, which premieres today. 

June 7: Lace up your boots! Local, state and national parks across the nation host trail cleanups and (of course!) hikes to celebrate National Trails Day

June 7-8: Philadelphia’s Academy of Natural Sciences hosts a meet-and-greet with live birds, including owls, hawks and cockatoos. Stay and check out the museum’s exhibit on the courtship dances of birds-of-paradise.

June 10-12: The hottest new games and gaming gadgets premiere in Los Angeles at E3, the interactive entertainment industry’s annual insiders-only show. 

June 19: Syfy’s experiment in “transmedia experience” — the futuristic TV drama Defiance and its massively multiplayer online video game — is back for season 2. 

June 21: Can you find inner peace in one of the world’s busiest spots? The longest day of the year provides plenty of opportunity, with free outdoor yoga classes at the Solstice in Times Square festival. 

All month: Scholastic partners with museums and planetariums across the country to encourage “Reading Under the Stars,” providing free books and flashlights, and hosting “read-alouds” at overnight events. 

Science Festival Lineup

The U.K. is the place to be this month for science festivals:

June 3-8: The Times Cheltenham Science Festival

June 5-15: Glasgow Science Festival

June 7-15: Bristol Festival of Nature

June 26-28: Lancashire Science Festival

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