September Calendar

Chow down on six-legged delicacies at Bugfest, and learn the science behind racecars at the American Chemical Society meeting.

By Elisa Neckar|Thursday, August 22, 2013

Now that's a bug bite!

September 6: Riddick in Theaters
Vin Diesel returns as everyone’s favorite sly-tongued anti-hero with built-in night vision in the third feature-length outing for the sci-fi franchise that started with 2000’s Pitch Black.

September 8-12: High-Speed Science
Ride with the American Chemical Society at its national meeting in Indianapolis as researchers investigate the science behind racecars. Fee and registration required. 

September 11: Ground Zero Skyscraper Airs on PBS
NOVA examines the engineering feats of the new One World Trade Center. 

September 21: Epicurean Entomology
At Café Insecta, part of Bugfest at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences, “Ants on a Log” aren’t made with celery sticks and raisins.

September 24-29: Yosemite Face-Lift
Join the National Park Service and Yosemite Climbing Association for volunteer cleanup of the grounds after a busy summer season.

September 28: The Science of Variation
Where do we “draw the lines” to categorize people? Scan your skin tone at the RACE: Are We So Different? exhibit at Seattle’s Pacific Science Center and find out.

Science Festival Lineup

Can’t get enough science? We hear ya! Visit a festival in your hometown or make a vacation out of it. Here are a few fun ideas to whet your appetite:

September 7-12: British Science Festival
Newcastle, United Kingdom 

September 8: Celebrate Science Indiana

September 12-22: Ultimo Science Festival
Ultimo, New South Wales, Australia

September 14: Next Big Idea Festival
Los Alamos, N.M.  

September 17-21: Highlights of Physics
Barmen, Wuppertal, Germany 

September 20-29: Flagstaff Festival of Science
Flagstaff, Ariz.  

September 26-29: Wisconsin Science Festival
Madison, Wis.

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