Editor's Note: Announcing the Redesign

Discover Magazine gets a new look.

By Stephen C. George|Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A teacher of mine once told me that change is the only constant in life. That’s certainly true for the entire editorial team here, which has spent the better part of a year working tirelessly to change Discover for the better. You saw evidence of that for yourself late last year, when we redesigned this site. 

Now it’s the magazine’s turn: With our September issue, we’re unveiling a new look for Discover. We hope you like what you see. Dan Bishop, our design director and Alison Mackey, senior graphic designer worked hard to develop and implement a design that’s elegant, eye-catching and easy to navigate.

Once of the most obvious changes, as you’ve probably already noted, is our new logo, our first in seven years. We’ve also adopted a new tagline, “Science for the Curious,” which we think is a more appropriate motto for us. Whether you read us in print or online, you represent a readership that loves science and shares a deep, abiding curiosity about the world around you. With every story we post here, with every issue, with every day, we’re committed to satisfying that curiosity.

Quite a few readers noted the absence of our popular Vital Signs column this issue and wondered if it had been eliminated as part of Discover's redesign. Not to worry: Vital Signs just took a brief vacation this month. It'll be back in October, and in future issues of Discover. 

The print edition hits newsstands August 6. Check it out.

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