June Calendar

Segue into summer (solstice) with a citywide science festival, global beach cleanups and a movie that imagines an Earth without humans.

By Elisa Neckar|Friday, May 31, 2013
Goddard Space Flight Center/NASA; Shutterstock; World Oceans Day; Legoland Denmark; Wikimedia Commons; Getty Images; NASA

June 1: Batten Down the Hatches! Atlantic hurricane season officially kicks in today. Do you have your disaster supply kit and evacuation plan ready?

June 5: Reduce Your Foodprint: “Think.Eat.Save.” This year’s World Environment Day theme addresses a sobering fact: One-third of all food produced globally is wasted.

June 5-8: National finalists for Toshiba/NSTA’s ExploraVision, the world’s largest K-12 student science and technology competition, show off their projects in Washington, D.C.

June 6-16: Seattle Science Festival. How do salt and temperature work together to create ice cream? How do bees help the Earth? Find out at citywide events for all ages.

June 7: Rediscover a Lost World. Will Smith and son Jaden explore a posthuman planet in After Earth. M. Night Shyamalan directs the big-budget sci-fi flick. 

June 8: World Oceans Day. “Wear Blue and Tell Two” about ocean conservation efforts today — or pitch in at a beach cleanup.

June 8-15: Grand Canyon Star Party. See Saturn, star clusters and nebulae by night, and Mercury by day, with relative freedom from light and air pollution.

June 15-16: Star Wars Days at Legoland Billund (Denmark). Legos + Star Wars. What more do you need?

June 18: Sally Ride Day/Free Rocket Day. Launch your own rocket as Cleveland’s International Women’s Air and Space Museum honors the 30th anniversary of Sally Ride’s space flight.

June 21: It’s summer solstice. Got bonfire?

June 30: On this date in 1908, more than a century before Russians captured February’s meteor on their smartphones, eyewitnesses near Tunguska saw a sky “split in two” and “covered with fire” when an asteroid detonated over Siberia.

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