79. The New King of Spam

Which country produces the most inbox-clogging email spam?

By Fangfei Shen|Thursday, January 10, 2013

India has overtaken the United States as the world’s supreme spewer of spam. Indian computers distribute a sixth of the roughly 100 billion junk emails sent daily, according to an October report by the online security firm Sophos. It attributes India’s rise to a fast-growing population of novice users who unwittingly download viruses that turn computers into zombie spam distributors. Security-awareness campaigns and tighter oversight by Internet service providers helped the U.S. fall to third.

SHARE OF WORLD'S SPAM               

 Country  2012 2011
 1. India
 16.1%  8.8%
 2. Italy  9.4%  1.9%
 3. USA  6.5%  11.3%
 4. Saudi Arabia  5.1%  N/A

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