Table of Contents May 2012

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They urinate. They have heart attacks 
and bedsores. They have babies. They may even feel pain. 
Meet the organ donors who are “pretty dead.”
Rock paintings near the Rio Grande contain hidden 
messages about a mysterious 4,000-year-old religion. Now one archaeologist has learned to read them.


He tickled rats and showed that making them laugh is serious business.
DISCOVER's look at the complexity of organ harvesting may have been unsettling, but telling the truth is our #1 job.
The hunt for personality genes could lead to a screening test that reveals what treatments will work best for each individual's psychological makeup.
The top expeditions, 
experiments, and vacation excursions.
Curing them by giving yourself hookworms, preventing them by putting RFID tags in your food, and avoiding them in Knoxville, the Allergy Capital of the country.
With GMOs facing political opposition in much of the world, more low-tech approaches are quietly making a big difference.
A patient’s leg swells to three times its normal size, and an alarmed doctor tries test after test to 
pin down the cause. But what if there is no answer?


Our long-lost neighbor may now be one of the hundreds of billions of rogue planets hurtling through space.
Bad news: It can't carry you around. Good news: It might help explore another planet.