Discover Featured in Pulse News Reader for Mobile Devices

By Amos Zeeberg|Monday, January 3, 2011

Mobile devices have become an important way for people to take in the news of late, so we're happy to announce that Discover is now featured in one of the best and most popular content apps available: the Pulse News Reader, created by Alphonso Labs. Pulse provides a beautiful multitouch interface for accessing websites, social media, and other sources of digital content. Below are links to download it for various mobile devices. Once you install the app, open it up and press the plus button to add a new feed, and you'll see Discover right on the first page of suggested news sources.

Pulse News Mini for iPhone

Pulse News Reader for iPad

▪ Pulse News for Android

Thanks very much to the folks at Alphonso Labs for including us in this top-notch app. Here's a blog post from Alphonso about adding Discover (and a few other sites). 

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