The Year in Health & Medicine

The fitness pill, tainted drugs, why you should lick your wounds, and more.

Monday, December 29, 2008

#3: The FDA Tackles Tainted Drugs From China
The realities of globalization hit the U.S. drug industry.

#11: Effective Kidney Transplants Without a Lifetime of Powerful Drugs
A new technique help transplant patients live, even with mismatched organs.

#12: Plastics Come Under Fire
The BPA debate rages on as the public demands action.

#14: All Flus Lead to Asia
The Far East is the incubator of every strain—and the key to treating the disease.

#16: Researchers Produce Human Blood from Stem Cells
It's not quite the same, but lab-generated blood gets the job done.

#17: Cell Reprogramming Could Help Cure Diabetes—and Other Diseases
Stem-cell guru says reprogramming adult cells might actually work better.

#18: Two Alzheimer’s Drugs Show Promise
The new drugs use a totally different mechanism than most would-be treatments.

#19: Salmonella Outbreak Shines Light on Food Safety
Two deaths and countless dollars later, the chinks in the food system are exposed.

#24: Gene Therapy Returns (Some) Sight to (Some) Blind People
Genetic tinkering helps repair one rare form of congenital blindness.

#28: Lithium May Be the Answer for Lou Gehrig’s Disease
A new study brings some hope that the disease can be treated.

#38: Cholesterol Drugs Are Prescribed for High-Risk Kids
8-year-olds can now take statins to reduce the chances of heart disease.

#47: Biologists Watch HIV Replicate in Real Time
Using fluorescent proteins, researchers observer the virus forming.

#54: An “Elite” Immune System Can Prevent AIDS
A select few infected with HIV never become ill.

#59: Low-Fat Is Officially Inferior to Low-Carb
A comprehensive study gives a big piece of ammunition to the Atkins crowd.

#61: A New Drug Delivers “Fitness” Without the Workout
Take a pill and simulate the effects of exercise.

#62: Researchers Discover Why Wound-Licking Works
Compounds in saliva actually do speed healing.

#82: The New Immune System Weapon: A DNA Catapult in Your Gut

Triggered by harmful bacteria, cells fling killer webs of DNA to ensnare the intruder.

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