The Year in Environment News

Vegetation retreating uphill, bringing dead zones back to life, the global agriculture reboot, and the #1 story of the year...

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

#1: The Post-Oil Era Begins
Electricity may be what fuels our future—electricity from renewables, nuclear, and even from burning biomass.

#4: Slime Is Turning the Seas Into Dead Zones
Pollution, overfishing, and the rise of microbes spell doom for many bodies of water.

#5: Nations Stake Their Claims to a Melting Arctic
Undiscovered oil and gas reserves below the ice set off a polar gold rush.

#20: The “Doomsday Vault” Stores Seeds for a Global Agriculture Reboot
Humanity's chances to survive global warming and nuclear attacks just increased.

#25: EPA Searches Soul, Tries to Figure out If It's a Climate Cop
The agency moves toward acting on greenhouse gases, but change will probably wait for Obama.

#31: Fish Farming Threatens Wild Salmon
Lice, interbreeding, and contaminants are killing off the species.

#35: Scientists Find the Key to Bringing Dead Zones Back to Life
Phosphorus levels can make or break a lake, it turns out.

#37: Shorebird Population Is in Rapid Decline
Australian and Asian birds are a clear example of population collapse.

#44: The Baffling Bee Die-Off Continues
Colony Collapse Disorder continues its relentless march.

#45: Huge Population of Lowland Gorillas Found
For once, researchers come up with good news for an endangered species.

#49: Plant Migration Tied to Climate Change
When the going gets hot, vegetation runs for the hills.

#55: Polar Bears (Finally) Make the Endangered Species List
At long last, the government acknowledges the species is threatened.

#73: Giant Ice Meteors Fall From Clear Skies
20-pound chunks of ice falling on a sunny day? It's no urban myth.

#93: Physicists Discover the Source of Earth’s "Mystery Hiss"
A strange electromagnetic wave follows the path of sound waves through water.

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