The Year in Human Origins

Ancient computers, evolving the perfect canoe, the "hobbit" smackdown, and more.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

#8: Cavemen: They're Just Like Us
Neanderthals were a sophisticated bunch, according to new research.

#10: Coming to the Americas
Several studies sharpen the picture of life and migration through the Arctic and into the New World.

#15: The Lost Cities of the Amazon
What is now sparsely populated jungle held large urban settlements hundreds of years ago.

#42: Geneticists Uncover the Origin of Blue Eyes
A single genetic mutation gives life to baby blues.

#66: Natural Selection Helped Indonesians Find the Perfect Canoe
Darwinian-style evolution pushes cultural change, a new paper argues.

#76: Europe’s Oldest Hominid Makes Its Debut
Archaeologists in Spain uncover the remains of a 1.2-million-year-old human.

#77: X-Rays Reveal Ship-Wreckage to Be 2,000-Year-Old Astronomy Computer
The Antikythera Mechanism tracked heavenly movements like clockwork.

#84: 9,000-Year-Old Milk Cartons Found
A new study examines the world's oldest cattle ranchers.

#85: Smackdown Over Ancient "Hobbit" Continues
A mysterious skeleton puzzles scientists who wonder if it was human.

#89: Archaeologists Find the World’s Oldest Arrowheads
While others were still hurling spears, these ancient people were felling prey with arrows.

#96: Ancient Traders Sailed the South American Seas
Using no more than sail-bearing rafts, these travelers carried goods almost 4,000 miles.

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