The Year in Technology

The first superinsulator, smart-matter robots, a one-atom-wide transistor, and more...

Sunday, January 4, 2009

#26: Sun Catcher Promises Cheaper Solar Power
Using laser technology, scientists build a low-cost solar concentrator.

#48: Cyber Attacks May Be Connected With Real War
As tensions with Russia mounted, Georgia got slammed by hackers.

#51: Physicists Build the World’s Smallest Transistor
The tiny device measures an astonishing 10 atoms by 1 atom.

#65: Long-Prophesied Circuit Element Could Revolutionize Computing
Instant booting and decreased power consumption may soon be realities with the new "memristor."

#69: Physicists Create a Perfect Place to Store Electricity
New "superinsulator" can hold a charge forever without leakage

#74: Viruses Are Put to Work Building Superbatteries
Engineers turn viruses into little engineers.

#80: Invented: Self-Healing Rubber Made From Vegetable Oil and Pee Ingredient
Hydrogen bonds let ripped material re-form.

#81: Smart-Matter Robots Reassemble Themselves
Like the Terminator T-1000, these robots can fix themselves after being scattered.

#83: Bulletproof Paper Is Stronger Than Kevlar
New nanopaper is not only super-strong, but made from renewable materials.

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