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Conclusive proof of ice on Mars, the first (and second) binary black hole, organic molecules on Enceladus, and more...

Sunday, January 04, 2009

#6: Phoenix Lander Strikes Ice on Mars
Finally, positive confirmation of what we long thought and hoped for

#13: China Takes Its First Space Walk
A nation delights in its pioneering venture. 

#22: Mercury Reveals Its Secrets
The planet comes into focus during NASA's first visit in 33 years. 

#23: Black Holes Birth Baby Stars
Computer simulations reveal the source of mystery constellations.

#27: Astronomers Spy the Youngest Planet Ever Found
The latest, newest protoplanet is a "dusty, rocky, gaseous lump."

#40: The First Known Binary Black Hole System
One of the most massive things in the universe turns out to have a little buddy.

#60: Mars Became Lopsided After Massive Asteroid Collision
After 30 years, the debate over the red planet's shape may be over.

#78: The Galaxy that Spins a Giant Magnetic Web
This "fiery spiderweb" uses magnetic fields to survive tough storms.

#95: Organic Matter Found in Saturn's Mystery Moon

Icy Jets from the planet's sixth-largest moon contain primitive components of life.

#97: All-Powerful Astronomers Turn "Dwarf Planets" Into "Plutoids"
Faced with an outcry over ungainly titles, the IAU comes up with a better alternative. 

#99: Jupiter Grows (and Loses) a New Spot
The massive planet passed behind the sun and arrived with a brand new decoration.

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