From Booze to Garbage to Fusion: The Future of Energy

How will we fuel the world in 50 years? By putting everything from wood chips to balloons to liquid plasma to work for us.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

As oil prices continue into the stratosphere, the race is on to find the new fuel source or sources that will fulfill the long-anticipated revolution in energy. In the meantime, DISCOVER brings you all theinfo you need to understand the latest scientific and technological innovation that's being pumped into finding the solution:

▪ High-Flying Windmills Blow Away Their Ground-Based Cousins

▪ Forget Corn—Wood Chips and Trash Make Way Better Booze-Fuel

▪ Vanadium: The Element That Could Help Save the World

▪ Can Engineers Tame 200-Million-Degree Plasma and Harness Unlimited Fusion Power?

▪ Rob Lamkin Says the Biggest Obstacle to Big-Time Solar Power Is Kids With BB Guns

▪ The Second Coming of Biofuels

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