Table of Contents January 2008

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No one has seen oddities of the mind quite like Oliver Sacks has.
Like the Indian Ocean disaster, this wave was a mass killer.
A ban of junk-food advertising relies on a new measure of nutrition.


You might as well understand the stuff that could soon paralyze your car.
The infamous sedative GHB provides the cure for unstoppable sleepiness.
Cellular stowaways may be able see through cancer cells' disguises.


Tainted products and choking pollution spark anxiety across the globe.
A new crop of alien planets raises the bar on bizarre.
Faced with controversies over drug warnings and recalls, the drug agency tries to revamp itself.
Astronomers unveil a new map of the mysterious invisible stuff that makes up 90 percent of the universe.
With individual sequencing, medicine may soon be custom-tailored to your own DNA.
Stirring from a comalike state, a patient rewrites our understanding of consciousness.
Rapidly melting ice in the Far North alarms climatologists and lures nations into competition for newly accessible trade routes and resources.
Can fluorescent bulbs save the planet?
New studies highlight the importance of the forgotten vitamin.
Iconoclast Mary Schweitzer isolates 68-million-year-old proteins and finally proves the kinship of dinosaurs and chickens.
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