Table of Contents September 2007

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Newly discovered Eris is bigger and heavier than the spurned planet.
Can a first-time dinosaur hunter make it through a dig in Mongolia?
The brainless blobs are booming. All scientists know is it isn’t good.
They should be dead. But a tiny number of people conquer lethal diseases.
Discover's Scientists of the Year make more breakthroughs.
Anti-terrorism efforts vary from the marginally effective to the utterly pointless.


Neither Stalin nor Hitler nor Shatner could stomp it out.
Montypythonoides riversleighensis, n., an extinct Australian snake
Combining two bad mutant genes produces neurons that're just right.
Just because it's in vogue doesn't mean it's accurate.
The tangled dance of science, violence, hope, and strange beliefs.
Antibiotic use on the farm hurts people—and doesn’t help the bottom line.
If you think the U.S. East Coast has it bad, check out the western Pacific.
The rules of language may reveal how our brains really work.
Bjorn Lomborg says balmier weather could ward off millions of deaths.
In the Internet era, the most accessible information is the most valuable.
Cleanliness is serious business; dirty hands killed a U.S. president.


Fly-bys, hobbit galaxies, and an impending merger with Andromeda
From landmark experiment to a backdrop for McMansions
Scientists solve it in 26 moves. Next up: flight schedules.
If, that is, Wes Craven had designed the character...
If mammals, birds, and lizards pulled through, why not some dinosaurs?
The first proof that babies are born ready to repel infections
A trip to the heavens can last a lot shorter than a trip to heaven.