Table of Contents July 2007

Discover Magazine's mission is to enable readers to lead richer lives by explaining and expanding their universe.  Each month we bring you in depth information and analysis from various topics ranging from technology and space to the living world we live in.
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In many Muslim countries, science must obey the Koran.
Backyard astronomers keep watch against Armageddon.
A fresh perspective on how the world views science—and scientists.
Do we share Earth with alternative life forms?
Deaf Bedouin children created a complete language.


Injections of soil bacteria produce serotonin—and happiness—in mice.
Teens make life easy for STDs.
Can we save honey bees from Colony Collapse Disorder?
The Secret's self-help message is just common knowledge.
Earthlings go to Mars-esque locales to prepare for the real thing.
Physicist says carbon dioxide's no big deal.
The navel gives a fetus life, but can bring a newborn death.
Most software stinks. It should learn from robots and bacteria.
Intelligent design misses the point. Again.
A collection of ideas that can change the world—or piss people off.
Two astronomers say the universe happens again and again.
Einstein's favorite scientist died an ardent Catholic.


Amazonia becomes savanna. The Sahara? No one knows.
A mite reevolves sex after hundreds of millions of years without it.
Dennis Hope has made $9 million selling space "property."
Grass isn’t always greener on distant planets.
MDMA really is like love in a pill.
Researchers take one step toward Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.
Star "belches" are way prettier than they sound.
Paleontologists adopt a technical term from The Far Side.
These legs were made for fighting.
Another potential use for stem cells: procreation.
Exacting research finds Einstein was exactly right.
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