Table of Contents April 2007

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Make sure to weigh all the information.
Most of our exploding collection of science information is junk.
Precious soil could save the rainforest and combat global warming.
Saturn's moon Titan is an icy, fun-house version of Earth.
The devastating derangements of autism also show up in the gut and in the immune system. That unexpected discovery is sparking new treatments that target the body in addition to the brain.
What are fecal bacteria doing on our leafy greens?


Penguin poop reveals secrets of the Antarctic climate.
Take a really close look at the inside of your eye.
Modern robots can respond to emotion and the smell of fine wines.
It's quietly seeped into many scientific fields.
In the face of mad cow disease, why did the British keep eating their beef?
Amazing photos of animals living in the darkest, deepest ocean
Discovery Channel's Planet Earth series draws toward a close.
Motorists have become wimpy, passive, and sheltered.
An embryo that lands short of the womb can cause fatal complications.
Readers share their views about pornography, God, and stories that save lives.
In an animal rights publicity circus, the animals lose.
For those people fascinated by Einstein or the grandeur of a redwood forest
Microsoft's co-founder throws his fortune at the frontiers of science.
Think you’re above doing evil? Think again.
Al lifelong obsession leads to the mysterious hedecatope—a seemingly impossible geometric form that, in its own small way, links together the whole universe.


Dante gets an extreme makeover.
Evolution is alive and swimming in Borneo.
What your dog says when it barks.
Starfish can grow new arms. Why can't we?
Rhythm that would put a metronome to shame
The strange link between herpes and memory
A dark force that is pulling the cosmos apart
We could hit the jackpot by 2010.
Ebola drives gorillas toward extinction.
So what if you can’t be a pilot?
Human brain evolution seems to be slowing.
45,000-year-old carvings found in Russia

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