Poll: What's the Greatest Science Book of All-Time?

Does Darwin deserve the top two spots? Were Freud, Hawking, or Greene unfairly snubbed? Let us know.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

In the December 2006 issue, DISCOVER assembled The All-Time Essential Reading List—the 25 greatest science books ever written. But what do DISCOVER editors know, anyway? Would you choose a different (and, no doubt, better) book for your #1?

Here's your chance to tell us—along with the rest of the world. Select any of our top 25, presented here in order, or write in a different book that we missed entirely. After you vote, you'll see the the results to date. The poll will run until mid-December.

Update, November 18: Soon after we posted the poll it became apparent that there were some popular choices that were not included in the top 25, so we added four books as additional options. The data has been updated so that write-in votes for those books will be included in their totals and deducted from the total for the "other" poll response. 

Update, December 7: Voting for the poll has closed! Here are the final results.

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