Table of Contents November 2005

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The American Century was built on a toxic metal, one we still know very little about
Why are two celebrated astronomers laughing at one of the most fundamental theories?
A new scientific mystery: Why haven't sophisticated DNA techniques identified more of the dead killed in last year's tsunami?And what will it mean for New Orleans?
Will the European 2 Agency put astronauts on the Red Planet before NASA does?
It's one thing to re-create a 9,000-year-old brew. It's another thing to drink it
For every cell in your body, you support 10 mostly beneficial bacterial cells.
Will a clock that works flawlessly for 10,000 years become the greatest wonder of the world?


Benign but irritating skin eruptions signal much more serious internal troubles
Readers write back.


Overcoming Newton's second law with better bra technology
How to cut through the info blitz and actually get some work done
Starry Galaxies Grow
Italians Find Drugs in River Sewage
Do Emotions Cloud Common Sense?
Male and female voices activate distinct regions in the male brain.
The truth is that lifestyle is far more important than cholesterol levels
When it comes to astronomy, don't believe everything you see on the Web
Agony of Parkinson's Eased by Ecstasy?
Killing Cancer With Red-Hot Nanotubes
Reason, Rhyme & 'Rithmetic
You'll Know Less If You Read This Story
Biologists Find Life in Dark Frigid Trough

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