Table of Contents July 2005

Discover Magazine's mission is to enable readers to lead richer lives by explaining and expanding their universe.  Each month we bring you in depth information and analysis from various topics ranging from technology and space to the living world we live in.
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A new space telescope tells us we really had no idea what was going on out there.
If high-rise buildings were designed more like ships, would they float upright during an earthquake?
Could they actually be good for you?
After spending decades and billions of dollars searching for the Higgs boson particle, physicists will soon find out if it was all just wishful thinking
Fungi finally have their own PR man: Greg Mueller of the Field Museum
Can the ecology and the economy of Iraq's once-glorious wetlands be restored?
Out-of-body experiences? Near-death experiences? Researchers are beginning to understand what's really going on.


Appendicitis? Or something else?
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