Table of Contents September 2004

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100 years ago, Albert Einstein rocked our universe—and we're still reeling
Surprisingly few theorists have the courage to emulate the master of modern physics
Einstein was often wrong, but even his errors led to deep truths
How could one man be genius, secular saint, pacifist, humanitarian, indifferent parent, jokester, poet, dreamer, musician, world saver, father of the bomb, loyal friend, flirt, and fraud?
If others like him ever come along, how will we know them? By a remarkable ability to ask the right questions clearly and cleanly
Look around and you'll find Einstein's fingerprints on everything from GPS satellites to Viagra
Scientists finally have the technology to construct mind-boggling experiments that can tell us just how far relativity can be stretched
He failed, of course, but he didn't exactly waste his time
Beyond Einstein, physics faces six great questions
Some of the world's greatest scientific minds tell us what they love—and hate—about Einstein

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