Table of Contents March 2003

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Recent research shows that when something bad happens to you, part of your brain begins thinking independently, storing its own memories so it can save you next time. That worked fine a million years ago
Sony's AIBO robotic dog is a peek at a bizarre future when you won't know if a dog—or the pretty girl walking it—is flesh and blood or plastic and memory chips
The scientist who destroyed our quaint concept of what a mother ought to be comes to terms with her own life
Older, more primitive skulls from Eurasia and Africa are changing what we thought we knew about where we came from
In a dozen years, NASA plans to bring Mars soil samples to Earth. No one is quite certain what to do with them when they get here
Exploding populations of white-tailed deer are stripping our forests of life


This writhing, choking child didn't have to die

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