Bogglers Solutions

By Scott Kim|Tuesday, July 01, 2003


1. Half-life
2. Cross contamination
3. Archeology
4. Redshift
5. Microscope
6. Alternating current
7. Parallel universes
8. Reverse engineering
9. Right angle
10. Angular momentum
11. Vanishing point
12. Inverse square law

Connect the Letters

1. Dry is the missing word. Each straight line or circle in the diagram contains the letters of one of the set's seven words.

2. Hip is the missing word, and the diagram that goes with this set of words is shown at right. (There are many logically equivalent ways to draw this diagram.) In mathematics, this structure with seven lines intersecting in seven points is called the Fano plane, after early 20th-century Italian mathematician Gino Fano. The Fano plane is an example of what is called a finite projective plane.

3. The missing words are son and nut. The diagram appears at right.

4. The missing word is crest. Each of the six words in the set is formed by dropping one of the letters from the string acerst and anagramming the remaining five letters. Each pair of words shares four letters.

5. The missing word is lend. Each pair of words shares exactly two letters. Note that each letter occurs exactly four times, in four different words. You can figure out the missing word by counting how many times each letter occurs. (Incidentally, this strategy works for all of these problems.)

Word sets 1, 4, and 5 are from the book Making the Alphabet Dance by Ross Eckler (New York: St. Martin's Press, 1996).

Powers of Ten

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