Table of Contents February 2003

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After centuries of trying to make sense of numbers and observations, researchers may finally have discovered the time of year volcanoes are most likely to erupt. We're in it now.
Astronomers close in on one of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos
Is the secret to alcoholism and other addictions locked up in hallucinogenic drugs?

Not long ago, men flew to the moon and plotted their course with slide rules, pencils and graph paper. Now we live in such a complex age that not only do our lives depend on computers, but only computers can design computers.

A popular weed killer makes some frogs grow the wrong sex organs. Your drinking water may have 30 times the dose they're getting.

Endocrinologist Joel Brind says research has shown him the truth about abortion, and that's why he set out on a crusade that now reaches into the heart of the nation's most powerful cancer agency. But what if he's wrong?


Was this a simple case of pneumonia or something much worse?