Table of Contents March 2002

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NASA is betting that we can, and a team of Princeton astronomers has a clever design for a telescope that could do it within 20 years
Oh, to be a fly on a textbook when the century's greatest physicist walked home from work with its most influential mathematician
For centuries the Sargasso was seen as a desert drifting in an ocean. Now scientists are rediscovering it as a nursery of biodiversity
Archaeologist Sandra Olsen doesn't care much for living horses—it's their bones she likes. And no wonder: they may have led her to one of the most important finds in the history of humankind
How did we track ocean whirlpools, monitor volcanoes, predict earthquakes, and watch suspension bridges bend before GPS?
The huge promise of genetic medicine is to cure the diseases we were born to inherit. Researchers seem so very close to a breakthrough, yet not one single experiment has worked—yet


Ultrasound uncovers a lethal choke hold on the heart