By Scott Kim|Tuesday, January 01, 2002

Welcome to the Fold
Please do not spindle or mutilate, but feel free to fold these letters however you like—or rather as the puzzle requires

1. The figure at left is an ordinary capital letter, folded once. What letter is it?

2. Can you find another answer?

3. How many other shapes can be cut out of an ordinary sheet of paper and folded just once to look like this figure? Assume that every line in the figure is either an edge or a fold. There are no "hidden" edges or folds: If you were to shine a light through the paper, you would not see any edges other than the ones already visible.

The letters above seem to be a recognizable, albeit highly stylized, alphabet. This strange collection runs the gamut from what looks like A to what isn't Z. In fact, each letter is actually another capital letter that has been folded just once. In this masquerade, none of the letters are what they appear to be. For instance, the first letter, which might be taken for an A, is really an H, folded and then rotated as shown at right.

Can you unfold each of the other shapes to make a different letter of the alphabet? When you're done, you'll have a complete, traditional A-to-Z alphabet. Warning: Some shapes can be unfolded to form more than one letter, but there is only one way to unfold every shape to yield the entire alphabet.

Fold a square piece of paper, white on the front and black on the back, twice, as shown in the example at right. The black area facing you makes the letter L. Can you fold the same square of paper to reveal the other letters shown at far right? Note: The letters won't all be the same size.


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