Table of Contents April 2002

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Most people really want to know where we came from. We have evidence. We no longer have to rely on stories we were told when we were young'
Four hours' sleep last night, a glass of wine at the office party, an antihistamine for a stuffy nose, and here comes a car full of teens, head-on, drifting into your lane.(Be glad you're in the National Driving Simulator.)
Wondering what happened to all that knowledge we got from mapping the human genome? It launched a new race to identify the genes that give us diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and Alzheimer's. The winner gets to make remarkable new medicines
Plants have more than thorns and thistles to protect themselves—they can cry for help
Darlene Ketten's fascination with how whales hear has swept her into a storm of controversy
Inside the X-files at the University of California at Berkeley, the line between theory and fantasy, science and supposition, starts to dissolve. The authors of these dissertations are obsessed—and scientists are nearly as obsessed with them


Uncovering a rare but age-old disease of pain and insanity