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Eric Olofsson; Combustion and Gas Exchange Manager, Saab Automotive AB; Södertälje, Sweden

Sunday, July 01, 2001

Innovation - Saab Combustion Control (SCC) Engine

An automobile engine that digests its own pollutants. In four years, all of California and most of New England will insist on automobiles that pump out extremely low emissions to meet standards that are almost unimaginable given today's technology. Saab's combustion-control engine has leapfrogged the manufacturers still studying fuel cells, methanol fuels, and electrics by reinventing an ordinary internal-combustion gasoline power plant that recycles unburned components of its exhaust. The miracle is that not only is engine performance enhanced in the process but fuel consumption decreases by 10 percent. This remarkable technology reduces carbon dioxide emissions by 10 percent and other emissions by as much as 75 percent.


Eric Olofsson began his professional career with Turbo Technology in Sweden. There, he was one of a team of researchers, responsible for the development of engines for all Toyota World Championship Rally Cars. After three years with the company, Olofsson came to Saab in the late 1980's. During his tenure with Saab, Olofsson has held various positions and worked in many different capacities for the company. He is the Combustion and Gas Exchange Manager for Saab Automotive AB.

Mr. Olofsson's interest in internal combustion engines began when he was fifteen years old. As a senior in high school, Olofsson studied mechanical engineering; he then went on to study engineering at the Royal University of Technology in Stockholm, specializing in thermodynamics, heat transfer, and combustion. Mr. Olofsson is married. He and his wife reside in Sweden with their two young daughters.

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