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The Logician Is In
Noah kant is a philosophy professor who loves to tease his students. Painted on the outside of his office are the following words: "If all of the signs below are true, then I am in my office." Below the message hang 10 signs that can be unhooked and rearranged. The numbers next to the signs are painted on the door. If you study this list carefully, you will see that the signs hanging in positions 3, 4, 6, 7, and 9 are true, and the rest are false. In what order should Professor Kant hang the signs when he is in his office?

Mixed-up Physicists
Rearrange the letters of each of the phrases below to create the first and last name of a famous physicist.

Hints (not in the same order as the names): Atomic man; Brief historian; He thinks, is; Equal and opposite; Just kidding; No uncertain terms; Quantum cat lover; Relatively speaking; Renaissance man; Skywatcher.

1. Actions anew
2. Berries when green
3. Cardinal on video
4. Erased centers
5. Find any charmer
6. Hay botcher 7. Herb loins
8. Knew height, span
9. Linen batteries
10. Whirring encoders

Hidden Values

The values of every yellow cell in the spreadsheets below are determined by secret formulas. The formulas use the values of one or more of the green cells. For example, the formula for cell A1 uses the values from just two green cells and is the same formula for that particular cell on all four spreadsheets.

To figure out the formula for yellow cell A1, look at its row in Spreadsheet

A. The first three cells--A1, A2, and A3--contain the values 1, 2, and 3, so the formula behind every A1 cell could be either A3 - A2 or B3 - B1- 1. But those equations don't work in Spreadsheet B. Look for a pattern in the first three cells of every spreadsheet to find the formula: A1 = (2 x A2) - A3.

Can you figure out the formulas behind the seven other yellow cells? Hint: Only one formula involves as many as three of the green cells, and only basic arithmetic is used.






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