Table of Contents May 2000

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In six months NASA will launch one of the most ambitious spacecraft ever conceived--designed to look back through time and tell us the greatest secrets of the universe,including how it will end
Today 47 states offer legal gambling. All you need to beat the house is some Internet savvy, the right number-crunching software, a thorough grounding in probability theory, and a few hours with an acting coach
Evolutionary psychologists say that no matter how often masters of our universe like Bill Gates beat their chests, the real secret to gaining power over others is--get this--being nice

A physician and researcher is rocking long-held beliefs about why people get fat, showing that a person’s appetite and their eating behavior can be linked to specific genes.

Chimpanzees speak in dialects, invent odd grooming styles, and drum better than most kids in marching bands. So what's left to separate them from us?


Humans seem to distinguish between having sex and creating a pair-bond, although for each we use the word mate
An insidious--and often undiagnosed--sleep disorder robs a woman of her ability to take in oxygen


Doomsayers are howling through their teeth about the alignment of planets on May 5
This tube of supercharged sound could make the biggest bang since internal combustion
Even the best technology in the world can't seem to calculate how high this mountain really is