Table of Contents March 2000

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Amazing Worlds beyond our own Solar System
The biggest headache for headache researchers has always been: Where does the pain come from? The answer might seem obvious, but it's nothing less than a revolutionary discovery
For half a millennium, followers of Erik the Red thrived in Greenland and sailed to North America. Then they mysteriously disappeared. Why?
Two Egyptologists resurrect a 4,000-year-old tradition--and it works!
Owning your own mechanical servant may happen a lot sooner than you think, say our expert panelists. The big question is: Just how human should they be?
They're sexy, smart, sociable, playful, fast, and very independent—no wonder biologist Randall Wells has spent more than 30 years spying on bottlenose dolphins.


Sex reassignment is less difficult than facing the ethical questions about irreversibly modifying children's bodies'
When is a cardiac patient's abnormality perfectly normal after all?


It takes a good machine to really get a handle on axis, rotation, friction, inertia, speed, and spin
Cholesterol-lowering snacks and veggie vaccines blur the boundaries between nutrition and drugs