Table of Contents July 2000

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In an increasingly satellite-dependent world, understanding the power of the aurora borealis has become critical
The most we learn about subatomic paricles called gluons, the more the universe seems to be made of nothing at all
The brain is the matermind of flavor but tongues are where it starts - and some are far more sensitive than others.
This summer, many more Americans may have to choose between getting exposed to West Nile encephalitis or getting sprayed with a mild neurotoxin. Maybe they should just stay indoors.
A cranky biochemist named Joseph Nagyvary claims to make violins that sounds as magnifient as the legendary Cremonese master's - and sells them at a fraction of the cost. So why aren't musicians flocking to buy them?


The patient's stitches were in place, but her wound would be slow to heal


With the help of archaeobotany, the Taj Mahal's evening garden may bloom yet again
Rebreathers are rapidly making scuba gear look like the underwater equivalent of a windup watch