Table of Contents January 2000

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A maverick mathematician thinks he's found schizophrenia's hiding place.
Meet Emma, one of 65,000 babies born each year neither male nor female. Once surgeons made them into females. Now parents wonder if these infants shouldn't be left untouched
Six thousand years ago, the Sahara was a fertile savanna teeming with animals and people. How did it become a barren sea of sand - and when will it change back again?

Ten of the weirdest stories to come out of 1999.

How smart can an animal get? Ask Irene Pepperberg's parrots. They'll be glad to discuss the subject with you.


Are the settlers living in the shadow of Mount Rainier counting on others to bail them out the next time it blows?'
Are you psychotic, overdosing, or did you just forget your booster shot?


And ten other predictions of celestial wonders that won't disappoint in the new millennium
Confounding your kleptomaniac mind, and reclaiming stolen goods.
Can we interest you in a suit that banishes dirt, sweat, and germs, sir?